Crime and Hazing Tragedy

Topics: Crime, High school, Chico, California Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: May 11, 2006
Dangers of Hazing
High school hazing has been a problem for many years. Hazing is the torture, beating, or humiliation of someone. Hazing at the high school level sometimes involves dangerous levels of alcohol consumption, paddling incidents, or savage beatings. These things could without a doubt, cause permanent injury or death. Usually the high school seniors initiate or haze younger high school members. Students eager to achieve acceptance in the course of hazing, may be plausible less likely to alter the association or organize the seniors recognize and love. "Hazing reassures senior members that the new people value membership in the group." Hazing still happens because of the need to continue the tradition and to keep it active. The internet site "Stop" seems to be a good source of information. It is not all that colorful or attractive but the site has a lot of information about things that happen during hazing incidents. On the side bar it has "General Information" which lists places to visit like home, definition, laws, news, myths and facts. Below that are hazing types which are fraternity, sorority, high school, athletic and military. Under that are resources which produce information for discussion groups, alternatives, books, gender, speakers, other links, student development, speeches, and pro-hazing. There is also a thing on change. This has links making change, taking action, hazing doesn't work, get involved, and

join stop hazing. On the right side there is information on an author of the books by the name of Hank Nuwer. There are articles he wrote, videos that show hazing and gender, poems about hazing affects on women, and a nationally recognized anti- hazing activist, Eileen Stevens, has a speech about hazing. The site shows the tremendous acts of violence that take place in these hazing incidents. There are videos that show the dangers of hazing and how to prevent it. One portion of the site, on the home...

Cited: "Educating to Eliminate Hazing." Stop Hazing. 1998. 16 Nov. 2005 .
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