Crime and Bad Lives Are the Measure of a State’s Failures

Topics: Government, State, Sovereign state Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: June 8, 2011
In today's modern world the situation in society usually reflects back the state of the government and policy-making institutes. High crime rates, poor living conditions, poverty, malnutrition indicate state's failure and degradation. It is a widely distributed case when the state of living is so poor that people have no choice but resort to crime to make a living. The state in this case is supposed to fail in providing a good community with jobs, appropriate living standards and thriving economy, thus it failed its main purpose of existing on the grounds that government, without reserve, is responsible for the upholding its civil on the right level. When crime, undernourishment and poverty prosper in society, it is a feature of the fact that the political system has failed to educate and equip the average individual in society with means to survive. For instance, Louisiana, USA, reflects in one year an extremely high crime rate and also a large percentage of people with an unhealthy and pernicious lifestyle, then, the job and responsibility of the state to govern, discipline and educate has been failed. With reference to government it must be said that it should be amenable for all the implications of its unfortunate policy and failures owing to the fact that society and civilians usually suffer from the inadequate government policy. All things considered, it should be ruminated about the government's responsibility for creating an environment which is conducive to civil and respectful behavior through the passage and implementation of regulations and rules which define appropriate behavior in a normative culture context.
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