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Like majority of the world, the Canadian criminal justice system consists of three main parts: the police, the courts and the corrections. These three main parts are responsible for the smooth operations of our criminal justice system. However, there are other factors that can affect the fluency of our system; factors such as the legislations, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, the mass and ever-growing public media, and human behaviours and emotions. It is the intension of the writer of this assignment to point out and discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Canadian criminal justice system under the influences of the four factors base on the writer’s academic experience and own thoughts.

The first component of the criminal justice system is the police. They uphold the criminal law by investigating suspects and arresting them. During this process, the police are allowed to legitimize use of “necessary” force to protect themselves and to successfully arrest suspects. The factors of human behaviours and emotions take effect right from the beginning of the arrest. Depending on the offences, and behaviours, police may hold varies perspectives powered by their emotions, toward suspects and thus may influence the levels of the force used in arrests. The judgement of which level of force to use lies with police, however they are restricted by the legislations and the Charter of Rights and Freedom. There have been constant debates over the definition of “necessity” in using force, but when the public media kicks in, it becomes a circus. The public often hear the phrase “police brutality” in the news and are aware of the crime rates climbing ever higher, but are they always the truth? The mass public media likes to over exaggerate events to attract public’s attention, the medias follow a very strict rule, “if it bleeds, it leads”. (Wade Deisman) In the writer of this assignment’s opinion, the articles and news reports we read or hear...
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