Cricket Top Indian Game

Topics: Cricket, Board of Control for Cricket in India, Twenty20 Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 29, 2012
ketCricket Top Indian Game
The most loved sport in India, needs no introduction. Every person, despite of his or her age, has an opinion on this game. Really, the craze of cricket in India is dramatic. Everytime India plays a match, people in India find some or the other way out of their busy routines to view the live action. In India, cricket is followed much like a religion and the cricketers cannot be rated less than God himself.India-Pakistan cricket matches are played with most aggression by not only the players but also the supporters, which makes it a personal rivalry between the two teams. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, it is played by many people in open spaces throughout the country though it is not the nation's official national sport (a distinction held by field hockey). Cricket is a widely known sport today that originated in England and was invented and first played by an unknown group of Englishmen sometime around the 13th century. The game is most fascinating for spectators. Public interest in it has never suffered decline in any of the cricket-playing countries including India. During Test matches enthusiasm runs high; there is a mad rush for admission into the stadium. While the atmosphere of the game seems too leisurely to some, the existence of a time limit and the hazards of the weather and pitch may give rise to the most sudden and thrilling transformations, especially when the score and the clock and the players' abilities are nicely balanced. There is no end to surprises, and the uncertainties of the game lend to it in the eyes of many one of its chief glories. Batsmen have scored 36 runs in an over; bowlers have taken four wickets in successive balls. On one occasion, teams were all out for 16 runs in their first innings; they had to follow on, and they scored 521 runs and won the match! On another occasion, an Indian team lost nine wickets for 205 runs, and then their last two batsmen added 249 more runs! The classic...
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