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Question 5(a):
What made Triveni a popular writer?
Answer :
Triveni (1928 − 1963), originally Anasuya Shankar, was a popular Kannada writer. She was known for the subjects she chose to write on, her writing style or narrative, easy to understand, made her popular among masses. Her writings targeted complex psychological problems faced by ordinary people. An author of distinction, she was loved and fondly read by people even forty years after her death.

Question 5(b):
Why did the grandmother depend on her granddaughter to know the story? Answer :
Avva could not read or write. Therefore, every Wednesday the granddaughter used to read out the next episode of Kashi Yatre to her, which used to appear in the Kannada weekly Karmaveera. Avva never went to school because in her time people didn’t consider education essential for girls. Also, she got married at an early age and got occupied by responsibilities. However, she always regretted never going to school.

Question 5(c):
Pick out two sentences which state that the grandmother was desperate to know what happened in the story. Answer :
Two sentences in the story that show the desperation of the grandmother to know what happened in Kashi Yatre are given below. 1. “Every Wednesday, the magazine would come and I would read the next episode of this story to her. During that time, she would forget all her work and listen with the greatest concentration.” 2. “Later, she could repeat the entire text by heart. My grandmother too never went to Kashi, and she identified herself with the novel's protagonist. So more than anybody else she was the one most interested in knowing what happened next in the story and used to insist that I read the serial out to her.”

Question 5(d):
Could the grandmother succeed in accomplishing her desire to read? How? Answer :
The grandmother was resolute to learn to read and write and asked her granddaughter to teach her Kannada alphabet. She wanted to be independent, to be able...
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