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CRH’s strategic vision is clear and consistent - be an international leader in building materials delivering superior performance and growth. The success of CRH is founded on the exceptional commitment and capability of its CRH is divided into six regionally focussed business segments, three in the Americas and three in Europe, supported by a lean Group centre. Within these segments:

experienced operational management are given a high degree of individual responsibility local autonomy, within Group guidelines and controls, helps accommodate national and cultural needs and capitalises on local market knowledge the Group’s size and structure is leveraged to drive margin improvement and earnings growth product-based best practice teams promote performance improvement through the sharing of experience, technologies and ideas

CRH was founded in 1970 following the merger of two major Irish companies, Irish Cement and Roadstone. Shortly afterwards the Board set a clear strategy for the development of the Group which, while it has evolved over the years, is still broadly applicable.

This strategy involves:

-sticking to core businesses in building materials and building regional market leadership positions -reinvesting in existing assets and people to be the low cost market leader -gaining exposure to new development opportunities which create horizons for future growth -negotiating deals that meet sellers’ and CRH’s needs

-implementation by devolved development teams reporting to regional and product group managers -a rigorous approach to the evaluation, approval and subsequent performance review of all projects

Shortly after CRH’s foundation in 1970 the Board set a clear strategy for the development of the Group which, while it has evolved over the years, is still broadly applicable today. CRH’s development strategy is based on the following:

-Stick to core businesses in building materials
-Invest at 'home'; be the low cost market leader...
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