Creoles vs Peninsulars

Topics: United States, Spanish language, Spain Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: November 15, 2012
IB History of the Americas
Jonathan Yang
Period 5
The wars of independence in Latin America were due to the grievances of the Creoles against the Peninsular Spaniards. Looking at the Latin American War of Independence, it shows that the Creoles were being treated unfairly by the Peninsulars much like the way the Colonists were treated by the British. The main reasons as to why the Creoles were treated poorly were because they were not born in Spain, thus making them inferior to the Peninsulars. The unfair treatment, the loss of jobs, and the bourbon reforms were the major three reasons for the Latin American Independence of War. The Creoles were inferior in the eyes of the Peninsulars because they were not born in Spain thus not being fully white. This dropped their rank within the social classes down to the mixed races and slaves. Although we do not see this as a big problem, back then the differences in where you were born made a huge difference for your future. Not being able to be treated like another equal makes you feel low. This built up a lot of hatred between the two groups of Spanish heritage. This led to a lot of opportunities being taken away from the Creoles and replaced by the Peninsulars. Many job opportunities were taken away from the Creoles and given to the Peninsulars because the Spanish king didn’t see the Creoles fit to have jobs that come with political power. The Spanish king, Charles the third, wanted the Peninsulars in charge of the administration in Latin America. Charles the third, removed all the Creoles and replaced them with Peninsulars so that he could maintain more control of the Spanish colonies. This act was apart of the Bourbon Reforms, to change the control of the administration. Thus leaving the Creoles with less control of the colonies. This angered and scared the Creoles as they were unsure of the desires of the Peninsulars in command of the administration. But the biggest reason for the War of Independence was because of...
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