Creepy Hotel

Topics: Mass, Left-wing politics, Hotel Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Jason Stratum known as my glump name, returning late at night from my business trip to my abode as abruptly my car breaks, with the bungle of its breaks which were already at stake since the cars folktale. “Grunts” I stretched my muscles and hummed in an impeccable tone “I am not buying this one on me, it’s all my wives botch for not getting it furbished up even though I told her I wouldn’t be having enough time to do it by myself because of the strenuous demand from my superiors”. Fortunately, while scrutinizing around, a hotel seemed to catch my eye which looked pretty much active even at this late night. The hotel had a unique texture with the building antediluvian and superannuated, its doors and windows, a primeval history. Even though I wouldn’t want to spend my night in such a sinister bombed hotel, but I had to because all the surrounding was desolated and the only way was to either spend my night in the hotel or tread along the way to my house on my bare foot while dragging the car a whole lot of weigh to carry. These circumstances forced me into such position. So, in order to alleviate my weigh I preferred the hotel and booked one room en masse with the night and while heading towards my room, I found it pretty much bizarre with its lavish interior. Anyway I ignored the fact as it was almost 1:30am. The room was embellished with pulchritude artifacts, architecture and as well as calligraphy which is very rarely found in certain hotel. The hotel seemed cozy so far and excellent with such low cost. “Yawns” I slammed onto the luxurious mattress bed, made a confess that today’s day was a mess so let’s have a rest and wait for the best. I turned off the lights and closed my eyes, and instantly flashed before my sight. I opened my eyes and forgot to turn off my light felt a presence as if all the fine arts have Renate back to life. I glanced around the room and I saw two...
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