Credit Risk & Operations and Performance Evaluations of the Trust Bank Limited

Topics: Risk management, Credit risk, Interest Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: April 4, 2013


(1.1) Background of the study:
I have chosen the topic “Credit Risk & Operations and Performance Evaluation of the Trust Bank Limited” for my Term Paper under BBA (Hon’s) Program, which is related to my major subject “Finance & Banking”. Actually this is the feedback which department accepts from the students who join in an organization after the completion of theoretical part of the BBA Program. Trust Bank is a bank with difference. It place out most importance on managing credit Operations. The core philosophy of the bank is customer care. It always updates its system and technology with the accepted best practices. For the last 11 years it is carrying its banking services including conventional interest based banking principles with the help of trained, skilled, knowledgeable and a group of best bankers and management of the country. It is doing its business that is value based ensuring the social responsibilities of the business. So I think it will help me to work smoothly, efficiently in my next long career.

(1.2) Objective of the term paper:
The main objectives of this study is to familiarize with the concepts of credit risk management, internal and external risk factors, guidelines and techniques used by the Trust Bank for identification, measurement and management of credit risks in handling various loan accounts as well as loan portfolio. To present an over view of The Trust Bank Ltd. • To evaluate Lending performance of The Trust Bank Ltd by using Chart and geographical location. • To classify the loan & credit recovery pattern.

• To evaluate the success of credit operations compared with other Banks. • To find out problems hampering successful operation of TBL. • To recommend suggestions for the successful Lending Operations of the Trust Bank Ltd.

(1.3) Statement of the term paper:
The topic I choose carries a distinct set of significance on its own. Credit risk analysis...
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