Credit Management System of Ific Ltd

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“Credit Management System of IFIC Bank Ltd at Kawran Bazar Branch”



“Credit Management System of IFIC Bank Ltd



Date of Submission: 3rd May, 2007



Letter of Transmittal

Subject: Submission of Internship report.

Dear Sir,
I am very glad to submit the Internship Report, which are the most important requirements for the Internship program. The internship before focus on the “Credit Management System of IFIC Bank Ltd at Kawran Bazar Branch” here I tried to carry at the overall Banking activities of IFIC Bank Ltd in an objective manner. While making this report I come across many oddities and experienced many pleasant events. But the valuable experiences I have gained during the period will undoubtedly benefit me in the years ahead. Despite several constraints, I gave my sincere efforts to make this report a meaningful one.

I have tried sincerely to comprehend and translate my knowledge in writing this report. My effort will be rewarded only if you go through my report and find it worthwhile as I really put in a lot of effort while preparing it. I enjoyed this project work and will be glad to attend any of your queries to clarify my point, if necessary.

Sincerely Yours



There are many different categories of institutions which play a vital role in changing the social structure and in the economic development of our country. IFIC Bank Limited is one of the most important institutions of them. IFIC Bank Limited is playing an important role to building, nurturing & to enhancing of a Financial Market for the economic growth of Bangladesh. IFIC Bank Limited acts as a General Banker, Investment Banker & Market maker. As banking financial institution it receives term deposits and provides margin loan. As a development financial institution it provides term loan to finance equity gap, provides working capital. That is why it is very much important for us to know about practical functions of IFIC which are playing significant roles in the economic development of Bangladesh. That is why in this report the following are the main objectives.

i) To gather knowledge about the practical functions of different division of IFIC –Karwan Bazar Branch. We went to each and every department for gathering experience, which can be applied, in my future job market.

ii) To know the overall performance of IFIC for the economic development of Bangladesh.



a) Objectives of the Report
b) Scope
c) Limitations

1.1 Background of IFIC Bank limited

1.2 Organization Hierarchy of IFIC Bank Ltd.

1.3 Board of Director

1.4 District-wise Branch distribution

1.5 Origin of the report

1.6 Objectives of the Study

1.7 Methodology

1.8 Organization Covered

1.9 Sources of Data


The word ‘Bank’ is derived from the word ‘Bank’ or ‘Banquet’. Bank or Banquet means a bench. The early bankers transected their money leading activities sitting on the benches in a market place. According to others, the word ‘Bank’ is originally derived from the German word ‘Back’ meaning a joint stock fund. However, the term ‘Bank’ has been in use from the Middle Ages in connection with the business of money leading.

Originally, `Banker’ or ‘Bank’ was defined as a person who carried on business of receiving money, collecting of drafts, honoring checks drawn upon it. Over the years the banking business has undergone many changes and now it covers a wide range of activities. According to modern concept, banking is a business which deals with borrowings, leading and remittances of fund as well as many ancillary businesses...

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3. Web page of IFIC Bank Limited:
4. Previous Report
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