Credit Disbursement Management Og Habib Bank Ltd. Bangladesh

Topics: Bank, Habib Bank, Risk assessment Pages: 14 (4028 words) Published: August 23, 2013
1.1: Origin of the paper
This paper has been prepared to make a study on the“Credit disbursement management of Habib Bank Ltd”as a part of the fulfillment of term paper required for the completion of the course BUS302: Financial Management of the Business Administration of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. The paper was prepared under the supervision of Ms. Sumaiya Zaman, course instructor of Financial Management, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. The paper was prepared by the group-12, consisting the member, Sekh Shahnuma Sharmin. The group is thankful to Ms. Sumaiya Zaman for giving the opportunity to be assigned on such type of topic. 1.2: Objective

Themain purpose of the paper is to understand the managing process of credit disbursement sector of Habib Bank Ltd. In broad sense the objectives to be covered under this paper are: * To know about the financial performance of Habib Bank Ltd. on different segments such as liquidity, profitability & solvency. * To know about the credit disbursement process is another objective of this paper. * To know about that it is needed to be understood how the bank takes decision on the eligibility of the applicant or how they measure the risk of Non Performing loan. * To know about the credit recovering process and credit recovering percentage of this bank. * To make recommendations for improving the credit disbursement management. It is also the objective of theresearcher to help the management by providing ideas that might help to take appropriate decisions aboutthe quality of the loan applicant in future. 1.3: Scope of the paper

The scope of this study was strictly confined to the annual report &contact with particular employee of Habib Bank Ltd. To collect the information work has been done on the credit management section of the bank. All other data related to the financial performance analysis was collected from Annual report and web sites related to Habib Bank Ltd. The area discussed in the paper is limited in credit disbursement management only. Although the information has been collected from the Habib Bank, Gulshan branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh, the financial performance reflects the worldwide performance of Habib Bank Ltd. And the credit disbursement management is discussed here, is followed in Gulshan branch.

1.4: Methodology
For smooth and accurate study everyone have to follow some rules & regulation. The studyimpute were collected from only secondary source. * Annual report of Habib Bank Ltd.
* Phone calls
* Website
Data collection method:
Relevant data for this report has been collected secondarily by phone calls, going through various websites and reading the annual report of Habib Bank Ltd. Data sources:
The information and data for this report have been collected from secondary sources of information. i.e.: annual reports, websites and phone calls. Sometext book and reference term papers have been consulted in order to build up the framework of the term paper. Data processing:

Data collected from secondary sources have been processed manually throughout the paper. Data analysis and interpretation:
In analyzing the data, the priority of quality has been given, so that that the term paper turns out to be up to the mark. Any interpretation of data was not done without the consent of the information provider. 1.5: Limitations

On the way of completing this paper, problem has been faced that termed as the limitations of the paper. In all respect following limitation remain. These are follows: Confidentiality of data:
Because of some divisional and confidential problem, it was notpossible toget enough information. Every organization has their own secrecy that is not revealed to others. While collecting datathe Bankpersonnel did not disclose enough information for the sake of confidentiality of the organization. CHAPTER 2: Habib Bank Ltd.

2.1: Background of Habib Bank Ltd.
Habib Bank...
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