Credit Card Fraud

Topics: Interest, Bank, Debt Pages: 4 (829 words) Published: September 10, 2014
FIN201: Module 3 Assignment 2
National Bank:
Wells Fargo –

Regional/Local Bank” Carter Bank & Trust- 1800-868-5762
Credit Union
Central Virginia FCU –

Checking Accounts:
Type of Checking Accounts Available
Minimum Balances required
College, Personal, small business, way to save checking,
$25,000 minimum for business, $25-$50 for personal checking,minium 50 for college All fees are waived if accounts have minium balance required in any of the accounts each month. Lifetime free checkinging, Commercial Checking, Interest checking Lifetime free checking doesn’t require a minium balance, for Commericial no minium balance required, For Interest no minium balance required. There are no fees

Branchless, Interest, Preferred, Dominion, Fresh Start Checking accounts.

No minium balances required

No Fees
Savings Accounts:
Type of Savings Accounts Available
Minimum Balances required
Health Savings, Education IRA, Way to Save & CDs, Personal savings,Premium savings, Savings account for children, Health savings for business,Money Market savings Savings Certificates, Passbook Savings,

No minium Balances required for either savings account
No fees for either accounts
Basic Savings, Christmas Club, Dollarmation Club, GAP Club, Collegiate ClubMinium balance for basic savings $5.00, Christmas club $5.00, Dollmation $100.00 ,Gap club NONE, Collegiate NONE ATM:
ATM access
ATM Fees
No Wells Fargo ATM access fee for two non-Wells Fargo ATM cash withdrawals (combined U.S. and international) Surcharges imposed by non-wells Fargo ATM owners or operators may apply. No fees for Wells Fargo ATMs. ATM access to other ATM providers. Carter Bank & trust does not have their own ATM. Free Unlimited ATM Access No ATM Fees

Credit Cards
Interest Rates Offered
Annual Fees
Interest rate offers depends on the type of card(s) you get. No annual fees No...

IRS, 2014. Interest Income Retrieved from
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