Credibility and Impact

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Assessment A, Part One - Credibility and Impact: Exploring the Internet and Politics
Indicate whether each website is credible.

Colbert Nation: yes
Crooks and Liars: no
Daily Kos: no
Red, Green and Blue: no
Salon: no
The Drudge Report: no
The Hill: yes
The Huffington Post: yes
The Nation: yes
The New York Times: yes
The Washington Post: yes

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Assessment B: Writing the Speech
Speech Introductory Paragraph

The internet has allowed American's to be able to gather information from the comfort of their own home. The internet has reshaped the political landscape because the internet spreades information fast, so they can react fast. The availability of information on the internet has affected how people view politicans and politics as a whole. The internet enables americans who want to be more involved in political process. The internet benefits politicans directly, their are alot of tools politicans can use to communicate with voters: email, blog, twitter, podcast. Politics have changed due to the internet is now lightning speed. They can react quickly to whats happening in the world. The internet could enables bloggers and commenteres to be salacious, rude and vulgar. But overall the internet allows politicans to see much more deeply into American psyche. Internet allows people to feeling through blogs just like if they was in a town hall meeting face to face. Conclusion: I never have used the internet has a great source but after doing research for the Senator I have more faith in our internet just have to double check your sources. I Hope you can start to access the web more on topics you would like to learn about.

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Assessment A, Part 2: Answer the Senator about Credibility
Comment on credibility issues pertaining to using information from Internet sources.

Every website isn't credible but there are few that you can count on for latest resource and media. We to count on

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