creature care animal clinic

Topics: Need, Management, Want Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: August 20, 2015
Gregory Stevens
Professor Levine
6 august 2015
Creature Care Animal Clinic
1. Identify the operations management problems that Dr. Barr is having at the clinic. Dr. Barr is having problems with her inventory control, scheduling appointments, and scheduling her employees. She is unable to track what items are being ordered by her staff and what brands they are ordering due to a lack of inventory control system. The practice is also running out of needed supplies and throwing out medicine due to expiration dates. It seems that Fridays and Saturdays are her busiest days, she is understaffed on Saturdays with only one doctor working and overstaffed on Wednesdays when these is little demand for her services. The scheduling of appointments is also lacking, meaning the staff is so busy they end up staying late on certain days, she should have a system in place for scheduling of appointments so the staff does not have to stay longer. Dr. Barr needs to make better strategic decisions that will benefit her in the long run. She might want to think about incorporating a computer for maintaining her inventory and scheduling purposes. Due to her busy days she should block off a certain amount of time per appointment so she does not have to stay later than close of business hours. 2. The schedule Dr. Barr set up worked well at the clinic where she was a resident. What are some of the reasons why it might not be working here? Dr. Barr has based her business model on an already functioning business. In doing so the current model isn’t working for her. Every business is different and needs to adjust to the needs of the consumers in order to be profitable. Dr. Barr has a rotating schedule in place but the current schedule doesn’t accommodate when she is the busiest. She is the busiest on Fridays and Saturdays and has the least amount clients on Wednesdays. Her schedule does not currently work with her busiest times. I think Dr. Barr might consider...
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