Creator and Creation

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Creator and Creation
For many years, philosophers and mystics have been questioning creators and their creations. All sorts of different cultures have myths, images, stories, and metaphors. In modern time, we look for scientists to answer our questions that we have. Science claims to know the story about the ultimate nature of matter, the origin of life, and the nature of consciousness. Most people say that God is everyone in this world’s creator. Does that mean that he should be responsible for everything anyone in this world does? Good or bad?

Another problem that people seem to have is whether or not the parents are responsible for their child making mistakes in society. Just because you created a child, should you be responsible for every little thing your creation does until the day that your creation dies? These questions cause much stress and concern for a lot of people. A lot of people looked at Victor as a horrible person because he created this horrible creature that murdered people. If Victor is so bad, then what does that make the scientists who spend nearly years trying to clone animals and humans?

Is it wrong to see God as an artist of the people in this world? If believed, he is one who works with love and allows his creations to enter into the manifest world of space, time, energy, and matter and puts us here to grow and evolve. The creator is no more than the creation of the limitations of the human mind. In my own personal opinion, parents are no more responsible for what goes through their child’s mind than a teacher is responsible for a student doing their homework. While not excusing or explaining the origins of human cruelty, we may also believe that the creator in allowing creation to enter into the world, the creator has also opened the door to freedom and choice for all that it is for the creation.

Many creators, like parents, want the best for their creation, in other words, children. They either want their child to have...
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