Creativity in Art

Topics: Frida Kahlo, History of painting, Western painting Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: December 22, 2013
Frida Kahlo developed and used her creativity to relieve her physical and emotional anguish by painting self-portraits depicting her life. With a life full of tragedy, heartbreak, and immense struggle, she had very strong symbolism in her paintings. In her 1939 painting, Los Dos Fridas, Kahlo creates a painting displaying her emotions at that time in her life. Shortly before she painted this piece of artwork, she and her husband, Diego Rivera, had divorced therefore leading one to believe the symbolism in the painting pertains to her heartbreak. She was very creative in the sense that she did not directly address her emotions in her paintings, but rather used symbolism to intrigue the viewer. With a straight face in her self-portrait, she leads the viewer to look deeper into her artwork, and really understand what she was feeling. Jean-Michel Basquiat exposes his consternation at the stifling conditions of the ghettos in New York City by composing his artwork with abstract mechanisms in his 2010 exhibit. The odd structure of the components in his paintings lead the viewer to consider a variety of possibilities of interpretation. Both Kahlo and Basquiat paint to express emotion pertaining to their lives. However, they go about it in completely different directions. Kahlo uses herself accompanied by different details important to her to depict her struggles. She uses a more intricate style of painting to allow the viewer to clearly see what she is expressing. It is far more realistic than the work of Basquiat. Basquiat does not restrict his art to one main focal point. He uses abstract structures to show his point of view. I think he uses these structures to depict the instability, malicious temptations, and struggle one is faced with living in that type of environment. Although both of these artists display emotional qualities within their artwork, the difference of components within the paintings makes them completely different.
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