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Creativity Culture and Global Contexts in Education Decision-Making

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Creativity Culture and Global Contexts in Education Decision-Making
Summer Mullen
EDU692: Creativity Culture and Global Contexts in Education Decision Making
Instructor: William Reeves
June 22, 2015

I am the instructor of a kindergarten classroom here at Bandini Elementary school.
My students are between the ranges of five and six years of age. The subject in which I teach is music and dance performance. Previously I have just taught the basic of music and dancing but I have been observing my students and notice that many have a yearning desire for the different types of music and dance styles that are related no their cultures and the different cultures of the world. The school that I am employed at has positive school cultures. The different ways that the positive school cultures are displayed are the following:
The individual successes of teachers and students are recognized and celebrated.

Relationships and interactions are characterized by openness, trust, respect, and appreciation.

Staff relationships are collegial, collaborative, and productive, and all staff members are held to high professional standards.

Students and staff members feel emotionally and physical safe, and the school’s policies and facilities promote student safety.

School leaders, teachers, and staff members model positive, healthy behaviors for students.

Mistakes not punished as failures, but they are seen as opportunities to learn and grow for both students and educators.

Students are consistently held to high academic expectations, and a majority of students meet or exceed those expectations.

Important leadership decisions are made collaboratively with input from staff members, students, and parents.

Criticism, when voiced, is constructive and well-intentioned, not antagonistic or self-serving.

Educational resources and learning opportunities are equitably distributed, and all students, including minorities and students with disabilities.

All students have access to the academic support and services they may need to succeed.

The demographics in my class size are 16 students. There are 9 females and 7 males. I have a fairly good mix of ethnicity in the classroom. There are 3 Caucasians, 4 African
American, 6 Hispanics, 2 Filipino and 1 mixed race.

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