creativity at workplace

Topics: Problem solving, Convergent and divergent production, Creativity Pages: 4 (968 words) Published: October 24, 2013

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Executive Summary:

The aim of this report was to analyze the concept of creativity at workplace. The research was started through secondary sources which resulted in acquiring the actual image of creativity at workplace. This report also includes some benefits and barriers that organizations experience while adopting creativity at their workplaces. We have also included some innovative programs of successful organizations who have gained benefits from creativity at their workplaces. The report concludes that there are many benefits of adopting creativity at workplaces which override the potential barriers. It is recommended that companies should design the workplace environment in such a way that they can gain benefits from creativity at workplaces.

Research Methodology:

The research was conducted by consulting secondary sources of information. Before starting with the research, we defined some research questions which are as follows: 1. What is meant by creativity?

2. Is creativity actually important at workplace?
3. Does it provide any benefit to organizations which adopt it? 4. What are the barriers in adopting creativity at workplace? 5. Is it possible in business world to add creativity to their workplaces? We studied different articles, blogs and watched some documentaries to find answers for our research questions. We decided to end up our report by providing some recommendations to make workplace creative based on our research. Since the research was completely based on secondary sources so we also considered the limitations and issues with the sources used that are Ethical issues and limitations

In order to avoid plagiarism, we used genuine sources and cited references throughout our project. We also spent a lot of time reviewing our research report so as to ensure that we do not skip any reference out. Websites and blogs used to collect data may be unauthentic or the information may be out of...
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