Creativity and Innovation - Essay 1

Topics: Innovation, Ford Motor Company, Invention Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: September 30, 2013
While creativity and innovation are similar, there is a lot of confusion in regard to separating the two. Creativity can be defined as “the enabling process by which something new comes into existence” (Schaper et al. 2011, 54–65). In this respect, innovation can be defined as the action or process of putting those ideas into effect. According to the term, “the 4 P’s (persons, process, press, products) of Creativity” (Rhodes, 1961) coined by Mel Rhodes – creativity consists of four strands or categories. Persons are a broad term which covers emotional and intellectual characteristics essential to creativity. This essay will argue that the characteristic perseverance is an important personal attribute in relation to great innovators such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, resulting in the highly successful endeavours they’re known for today.

Thomas Edison once said that “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time” (Rhodes, 1961). This statement can be interpreted as a spoken admittance of perseverance being an important factor in his successful innovations. Thomas Edison changed the world, technologically speaking – his brilliant inventions did. He was also world class innovator whose stellar, positive attitude set example for many individuals to come. Growing up in a lower-middle class status didn’t distract Edison from his goals in the slightest – the innovator dreamed of becoming a successful inventor. He dreamed of having his own laboratory, “a place where corporate politics wouldn’t intervene with his futuristic visions” (Miller-Caldicott, 2011). While Edison is generally known for his inventions, his strides towards unlocking the key methods and characteristics of innovation and understanding certain thought processes are less mentioned, yet just as exciting. It didn’t take long for Edison to unlock the key to staying successful and persevering in his goals – a simple method of staying positive...

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