Creativity and Innovation

Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Pages: 3 (552 words) Published: April 22, 2012
What are the skills necessary to develop creativity
Ability to see things in a different way
The bringing of new perspectives
Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship
Is the action and result of imagination and ingenuity; the ability to create through the relation of previously unrelated ideas or things; the application of a person’s mental ability and curiousirty to something new Innovation – the introduction of something new; the development of new processes, methods devices, productsa dn services for a useful purpose,

Entrepreneurship : the process of creating something of value through unique resourcecombinations to exploit opportunity; the implementation of innovation; the utilisiation of the skills , quatlities, and characteristics acquired by entrepreneurs. Creativity and innovation involve the creation of something new which is central to the entrepreneurial process. They are considered to be inseparable from entrepreneurship. Creativity is clearly part and parcel of the entrepreneurial skills required to successfully start a venture. They are the essence of creativity and innovation.

Entrepreneurs generate, develop, and implement new ideas in the process of entrepreneurship foster a climate that that is favourable to creativity and innovation. they offer innovative products and services through innovative methods of production and delivery. Innovators are highly creative and innovative. Entrepreneurs foster creative climates, and offer innovative products and services through innovative methods of production and delivery. This confirms the role of creativity and innovation in the entrepreneurial process In todays business environment entrepreneurs are required to think of ways to produce new products, services or processes that is of marketable value to customers What is creativity it involves the development of unique and novel responses to problems and opportunities

The process of creativity
1. Knowledge accumulation...
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