Creativity and Innovation

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Innovation is a buzz word that many hear, but fewer understand. The success of a culture that embraces innovation is limitless, but how is that done? This essay will define innovation and compare it to the similar concepts of invention and creativity. Related to those concepts is problem solving. The importance of innovation will be stressed as well as the necessities an organization must have to support innovation and success. Innovation Defined

In a way, innovation is problem solving. Innovation is the result of solving a problem, even if that problem wasn’t identified. That solution is a new product or process that is implemented and generates increased value. Usually that value is increased profits. If the new invention that is implemented does not make something better in some way, then the action was pointless. Comparing Concepts

Many people use innovation and invention interchangeably, or consider innovation and creativity the same thing. While these three items are definitely related there are subtle differences. Some might argue these three items are part of a single process. To allow the process to exist, to move forward, there must be creativity. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines creativity as the ability to create or make something new. Having creativity means the potential exists to create something new which leads to invention. The same dictionary defines an invention as something new that was created through study and experimentation. Creativity enabled some new product or process to be invented, and now innovation is the process of applying this new invention to improve something in some way. Arguably a business would like the improvement to be measurable in some way. For example this could be increases in sales or customers, reduced production costs, time saved, etc. This measurement helps support the idea that the innovation had value. Problem Solving

Two ways of thinking in regards to...

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