Topics: Plant, Fern, Marchantiophyta Pages: 4 (942 words) Published: February 19, 2013
I. Multiple choice questions
Choose the correct answer:
1. Red algae have green chlorophyll a that is like the one present in (i) green algae (ii) cyanobacteria (iii) mosses (iv) higher plants 2. Which one of the following is generally found in cool seas? (i) Red algae (ii) Brown algae (iii) Green algae (iv) Blue green algae 3. Floridean starch is found in (iii) green algae (iv) blue green algae (i) red algae (ii) brown algae 4. Fucoxanthin is found in(i) red algae (ii) brown algae (iii) green algae( (iv) blue green 5. A diploid structure with a tough coat produced during unfavourable conditions is (i) zoospore (ii) zygote (iii)zygospore (iv) spore

6. A multicellular green algae is(i) Chondrus (ii) Laminaria (iii) Chlamydomonas (iv) Ulva 7. Which one of the following does not have flagellated male gamete? (i) Red algae (ii) Brown algae (iii) Mosses (iv) Green algae 8. Which one of the following groups led to evolution of land plants? (i) Rhodophyta (ii) Phaeophyta (iii) Chlorophyta (iv) Cyanophyta 9.A distinct feature of bryophytes when compared to other green plants is that they (i)produce spores (ii) have sporophyte attached to gametophyte (iii) lack xylem (iv) lack roots 10.Which of the following bryophyte is of great economic importance? (i)Funaria (ii) Liverworts (iii) Sphagnum (iv) Chondrus

11. Which of the following is likely to occur on sea coasts?'(i) Mosses (ii) Green algae (iii) Red algae (iv) Brown algae 12. Which of the following groups produces spores, but lacks vascular tissue? (i) Fungi (ii) Pteridophytes (iii) Gymnosperms (iv) Angiosperms 13.The protonema of a moss is)i) Diploid (ii) haploid (iii) sporophyte (iv) sporangium 14.The male gametophyte in higher plants is represented by

)i)Microsporeire (ii) anther (iii) pollen grain (iv) male gamete 15.Which of the following conditions is found in Pin us but not Pteris? (i)Conductiing Tissue (ii) Uncovered seeds (iii)Presence of Sporangia (iv) Secondary growth 16....
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