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Topics: Mater and the Ghostlight, Lightning McQueen, Cars Pages: 3 (1356 words) Published: December 15, 2014
Bang! The deafening explosion was just a few metres behind them. Both Lightning and Mater could not believe how the race of the century could turn into a battle scene in just one press of a button. Lightning looked behind him using the brand new side mirror that he had just been given by his pit crew. The thugs were closing in on them fast. The thugs were both armed with machine guns and grenades, whereas all Lightning and Mater had were speed and a rope. But speed was the least important thing that would come in handy during this encounter. All this was happening because of one egotistical loser on the other side of the world who thought that the only car that should win the race should be him. As soon as he had found out that his biggest rival and winner of all previous races was competing against him, he had decided without a doubt that the enemy had to be killed or in this case blown to bits. This loser was McQueen’s old friend The King. But Mater, often called the idiot, had other ideas. What the two thugs behind him didn’t know was that Mater was a so-called international spy who had saved the lives of hundreds of other racers just a few months ago. One minute he had been the chief of Lightning McQueen’s pit crew, and the next an American spy. All this had happened due to a strange reason; a real spy being beaten up by a different gang of thugs and forced to implant a microchip containing a criminal organizations plan to blow up every racer who took part in the World Grand Prix(WGP) into Mater’s underside. After the spy mission Mater was supplied with just a few gadgets to keep him innocuous in the future; and those few gadgets were not enough to escape from the two thugs and the several others behind them. The first thing Mater did was release the oil from his tank, the two thugs were completely caught by surprise and couldn’t find the grip to turn away from the oil and ended up sliding metres away before descending into the deep dark cold ocean...
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