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Famous Creative Thinkers Presentation
Lorri Broughton-Kelley
October 6, 2014
Latrice Phares

Famous Creative Thinkers Presentation I choose Carl Sagan as one of the people that I felt has given a great contribution to the world. Carl Sagan was born in Brooklyn, New York the son of an immigrant worker from the Russian Empire. Name after his mother’s mother. Carl had a sister and his mother was very protective of him. Carl’s mother was not up to par to fit in the social life, so she was restricted. When his parents took him to the New York World Fair, Carl was so excited when he saw the burial of a time capsule, stars and other exhibits that would lead to his inquisitiveness about the world. Later in life Carl and others would build time capsules, but these would be sent out into space for other life forms to find and they would contain Carl’s memories form the world fair. Carl’s parents helped his growing interest for science by buying him books about science and chemistry sets. He loved to read the books about science fiction stories, by writers such as H. G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs, they made his imagination even wilder his about whether there was life on other planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Carl attended the University of Chicago and received his bachelors and was a part of the Ryerson Astronomical Society. He got received his Bachelors of Science in Physics, a Master of Science in physics and a PhD In astrophysics and astronomy. Carl was denied tenure at Harvard, because of his scientific advocacy, being widely publicized. Carl Sagan was a great astronomer, cosmologist, author, astrophysicist, science communicator, and science popularizer. Because of his great inquiries as to what did what and how come Carl thought about if there was truly life outside of the earth. He was the first to actually make the first messages that were sent into space. He studied the earth, stars, planets, he made messages that he thought could be understood by the extraterrestrials. He had over 600 articles published that were scientific and authored or co-authored more than 20 books. The award winning series named Cosmos was also by Carl Sagan. He was a professor in astronomy at the University of Cornell; he was part of the NASA as an advisor. Because of the Cosmos people were able to better relate and understand Carl’s ideas about the worthiness of the human race. Carl did his thinking the best way that he knew and that was to do it his way. Because of Carl they were able to learn the high surface temperature on the planet Venus, was due to the dryness. He was also the first to think about Saturn’s moon Titan may have contains liquids on the surface and that the Jupiter’s moon Europa might have oceans. Carl did organized research on such projects as Near Earth Objects, he composed the Deflection Dilemma, which would be deflecting an asteroid away from the Earth, and then it could be possible to deflect it back to the earth. During his career Sagan would be very much criticized as to his soundness, when it came to extraterrestrial life. Carl loved to urge people to listen using radio telescopes to see if they could hear signals from outer space that could help him prove that there were other life forms. Due to the lack of belief call stated a petition and was able to get 70 scientists to sign it advocating the SETI that was also published in his journal of Science. Carl would later go on to explain his theories and use science to reveal them to the world. His life force was dedicated to science. Under President Regan rained there was to be a Strategic Defense Initiative, that would cost billions of dollars but it would develop a defense against nuclear missile attacks, an Carl was against this because he felt that there was no real way to do this and by doing so would unbalance the Soviet Union and United States making progress in the arms agreement. There...

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