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Presentation on Oprah Winfrey
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Oprah Winfrey is a woman who overcame several obstacles that did not deter her from becoming the most prestigious women in the Unites States. As “Miss Black Beauty Queen” Oprah Winfrey had the opportunity to host a radio show in the African American community s well as receiving a scholarship for began her career as a radio show host in Nashville. Oprah moved forward to be a news broadcaster, hosting a morning talk show, eventually with immense success and determination, Oprah Winfrey have the opportunity to host her own show called the Oprah Winfrey show, which became the most popular shows on television. Oprah is definitely a creative thinker. Oprah move from one level to the next in her career, which gave her more opportunity to find creative ways to make a difference in the lives of many people. With much creativity and determination, Oprah created her own TV network called OWN. Some people may say OWN was planned from the beginning because the title is fitting for what she stands for, which is using your creativity and desires to accomplish your goals. The Own network is another source used for Oprah to have a positive effect on the lives of many people. Own consist of several presentations and shows that focus on real life topics and motivational leaders, which created a positive impact on society. The most motivational challenge Oprah shared was the Oprah effect. Giving money away to several people to do something good for someone else is not a normal thing most show hosts will perform. Oprah has created a new level of giving to others. Creative thinking is a great gift to have, but applying the idea is a greater. -----------------------

Presentation on Oprah Winfrey

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