Creative Response To The Raven

Topics: Poetry, Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe, The Philosophy of Composition, The Raven, Lenore / Pages: 3 (686 words) / Published: Oct 18th, 2015
As my creative response to the poem, The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe I chose to make a collage because I felt it was the best way to represent the various themes throughout the poem. My intentions for the creative response were to make a heart sharped collage with a break down the center, on one side of the break I wanted to have dark and sad sayings, words and pictures to represent the darkness of the poem and the theme of madness. On the other side of the break were the happy sayings, words and pictures to represent the theme of love that is displayed. The themes of madness and love that are represented in my creative response and in the poem itself are universal and this is why The Raven by E. A. Poe is an enduring classic.

I chose to use

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