Creative Identity

Topics: Photography, Meaning of life, Rule of thirds Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: May 7, 2013
My Creative Identity

I have learnt a lot of knowledge in the ESL603 class during this semester. The final project is making an interview of three native speakers in order to get a feedback and learning my creative identity. In class, I have to interviewed my classmates and my teacher for choose the best picture which can represent my personality. It is black and white photo. Most of my classmates said that the photo showed a meaning of hard-working and repeating. The man in this photo pushed the roller in the circular shape. It is similar to assignment in my major class that represented work and repeat. And I also make three questions which related to the picture that I chose. When I started to interviewed three people, they are native speaker as my advisor, ESL teacher and friend from other schools. First, I gave three questions with related my personality which following this photo. My three questions asked about the feeling, symbol, and how to modify. And I have to took a videotape during an interviewed . Finally, I gather all feedback from an interviewed.

Although in the part of the interview made me wonder with the various feedback, different and comment, it helped me a lot to learn about my personal creative identity. There are three main ideas from the feedback following my questions as the emotion, signification, and modification. First, emotion is the feeling of three persons who were interviewed with the feeling on this picture. They quickly answered my question from their feeling, so the answers are similar such as feel interesting, intriguing, confused, and unclear. Second, signification is the meaning of this photo. Before they gave their feedback, they thought to the meaning in the few minutes. It is possible at this time, they were trying to find the meaning in the symbolic of photo. Someone of my interviewer related to the symbolic of Zen religion, and someone thought to kinds of life. Third, modification is...
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