Creation Story - Yahwist and Priestly Account

Topics: Bible, Israelites, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: June 24, 2012
The topic of this paper is The Meaning and Significance of The Creation Story. There are three main things that will be explains in this paper. The first point is the Meaning of the Creation Story in which will be divided into two categories. The Priestly Creation story and the Yawhist Creation Story, these categories will be elaborated accordingly to the background and the main purpose of their writings. The second point will be focus on the Significance of the Creation Story; it will deals with their different style of writing with it significant and the last one will be concerning much on The Creation Story itself; it will discussed why the Church accept it to be in the sacred book – The Canonical.

Within the Sacred Book (scripture), God reveals himself to his Chosen People. Not only to his chosen people but at the same time, he reveals himself to you. So in order for an individual being to understand God from been reading, it is a must to fully aware of the background of all the writers, why the book is written like that, why the prophet speaks like that and so forth. The Bible is not a book where you read it and then automatically gets its message like ordinary books. It is more than that. If you read and claims that you understand it very well without knowing first the background, historical settings, and it purpose then you miss out the real meaning of the text or the stories (from the bible)1. This really happens to our Protestants and Fundamentalist brothers, they explain the Bible words by words and neglecting the background, historical setting and it purpose. One of the stories in the Bible is about The Creation. In the Creation Story, it really tells how God created the world from the beginning. It portraits that God is powerful and mighty, but it is a priority first to understand why the story is put like that, by doing this then those who read it will have a perfect knowledge of What is really meant and the...
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