Creation Story

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Adrienne Spring
Creation Story
There once was a time when there were only animals and no humans. They all roamed around the land with no worries. Although many of the animals were peaceful and equal, the Great Lion was the leader. He was trustworthy, honest, and a great leader. There kingdom was very peaceful and never had any problems. There was just good in the land and no evil. One day the Great Lion heard animals cry. When he went to see what was going on, he witnessed the snakes rapping around the animals and squeezing them. He grabbed the snakes and threw them off the animals. He told them if they ever did evil things again in his kingdom, that he would send them off to another land that wouldn't be as peaceful as his. After the incident, things in the kingdom were now different. It seems gloomier and it didn't seem to have just good in his land.

The Great Lion started getting very concerned about his kingdom and had a meeting. He expressed his concern and told the animals that was it was importance to have only good in the kingdom. He warned them if he found out that any of the animals had any evil in them that they would be thrown out to a land where they would no longer be equal.

After the meeting the Great Lion still didn't feel like the kingdom was back to being all good. That night he went to try to find the evil in his kingdom and end it. When he was searching, he came across the snakes. This time it wasn't just the snakes though, they were with the spiders, wasps, alligators, and many other animals, bugs, and reptiles. The snakes had turned many of these animals evil. If the Lion didn't stop them, then there would be evil in the kingdom.

The Lion decided to through them out of the kingdom. He created a land called Earth and sent them there. He decided to put humans on the Earth. The animals on earth were no longer equal and the humans had more power than the animals. He decided to make an equal balance of good and evil on Earth. He also...
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