Creation Stories

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creation stories- comparing the Eskimo creation story, the Genesis creation story, and the evolution creation theory.
There are some very different theories but some very similar concepts between the Eskimo creation story, the Genesis creation story, and the theory of evolution. The Genesis and Eskimo stories are pretty old whereas the theory of evolution is a lot newer. The Eskimo creation story has been ruled out by most as a myth or a folk tale. The Genesis story and the theory of evolution are currently at center stage in a great debate. Atheists and church leaders are constantly trying to disprove the others beliefs. The fact is, it is a debate that will continue for many years to come. There are many things that can be learned from all three stories like moral values and the simple fact that people are intelligent enough to believe in one or another or a combination of them or others for that matter. The first of the stories I will discuss is the Eskimo creation story and what it has to offer to society.

The Eskimo creation story teaches morals and guidelines for any society through figurative language. Along with their creation story, there are many folk tales that portray ideas that they as a society should follow. Specifically though, their creation story begins with their creator, Raven.

Raven created beach peas which grew on the naked earth, and from one pod a full-grown man burst forth. Raven approached, pushed up his beak, And also became a man. He told the first man that while he created the peas, it was without knowing that a man would emerge from them. From clay Raven formed various pairs of animals at different times and gave life to them. Mountain Sheep were created first, followed by Reindeer, then Caribou; a woman was formed next, to become the wife of the first man. Raven went on to create certain fish as well as other creatures and to teach the human couple to live in their emerging environment. The woman bore a son and then a daughter, who were to marry. Raven turned back to the original pea pod from which the first man had been born and found that three other men had emerged from the same pod. Raven led the first man inland, but the other three were taken to the coast where they were taught to exploit the resources of the sea (Oswalt, 211-12). There are many cultural ideas implied here. The first is the notion that man was created first. Everything else was created from something different and for man. This infers that men are superior to women and is portrayed in their everyday lives. According to Naomi Giffen's book, The Roles Of Men And Women In Eskimo Culture, men do the hunting and woodworking while women do everything else (1-5). The women are to cook and preserve the food (11-19). Women must also make the clothing for both men and women (43). They build their houses and raise the children while the men are away for long periods of time hunting or fishing. When the men are around the Eskimo are very family oriented. The men do not treat the women with any less respect these are simply the roles that they have adopted. Women do not complain about the uneven workload, in fact, the only disagreements between these peaceful people are between the men (57). There is no mention anywhere about evolution or even the possibility of it. This leads me to the Genesis creation story which is one of, if not the most, widely believed stories of how we as humans came to be.

Everything began as empty, dark space. God created everything that we know today in six days.
On the first day God created light and separated it from the dark. On the second day God created water and the sky. On the third day God created the land, oceans, all plants and vegetation. On the fourth day God created the sun, moon, stars, and set the timing for them to mark the hours, days, seasons and years. On the fifth day God created all the creatures that live in the sea...
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