Creation of the Hawaiian Universe

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Hawaiian Studies
January 24, 2013
Creation of the Universe
Back before all of modern civilization and the beginning of the Australopithecus Era of human evolution, our earth, universe, and early ancestors were created by the fusion of two water molecules drifting in space. The earth was then formed and its oceanic crust was rich of minerals the flourished the sea life and all its habitants. However the continental crust of Earth was not formed yet. Under the water lived the ancestors to our human species, the Mer-people. They were an organized race that lived in an almost utopian society, until the day that the sea split and land was created.

The sea was divided into 2 sectors, the Southern seas and the Northern; both sectors had the benefits of warmer waters near the equator and the contrasting ice waters near the poles. Where the divide met was the capitol, where northerners and southerners met, worked, and lived together in a peaceful union. However if you were born in a certain sector you could not move or visit the other, besides for the equator capitol, it was against the law. Only housing, or “living towns” were located on either separated side of the capitol. Each day the Mer-people would commute to the capitol to work, go to school, or visit, and every night they went back to their respective sides.

The Mer- people believed in the Sea God, the one Supreme Being that gave them sustenance for survival and their birth after the two water molecules fused and formed earth. He lived in the very core of the earth, deep beneath the sea floor. He was birthed out of the fusion, from the excess energy of the conjoined molecules. The Sea God separated the two parts of the ocean and created the peaceful capitol city to keep the underwater world at peace. If everything happened in the capitol, at the end of the day, every person would have a peaceful environment to retire to, thus maintaining peace. The one law was to stay one either side of...
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