Creation of Earth

Topics: World, Earth, Star Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Walking to the park, which in itself is odd for 2050, Amanda pauses and takes in the aroma of every real flower she can find. Her lean, tan figure stands out against the bland Earth around her. As she, once again, mistakes an energy conserving flower for a real one, she sighs as a look of disappointment and sadness absorbs her navy blue eyes. Her red peplum top is the brightest color anyone can see for miles as she places herself on a nearby bench. As she watches the blankness of the ground and listens to the distant buzz of hovercrafts above her, she reminisces of the days when it all started.

The ultimate Goddess of the Stars, Matix, births and raises all of the lanterns of the sky. With the help of Latrizix, God of Space, they shape and ignite every star within the vast of darkness. The creation of these stars is a beautiful process where Matix will take the body of a fallen star and shape it for a new one. Latrizix then breathes the light into it and together they find it a home. Matix loves her job and sees the same great beauty in it as the Gods see in her. Matix’s slim figure and curvy hips are normal characteristics of a Goddess but the one thing that sets Matix apart from the rest is her long, dark hair and deep blue orbits. While Matix loves her duties, they also depress her. Everyday, several stars will die out and make room for new stars. Even as this keeps her busy, it also saddens her and makes her lonely because she is surrounded by things that won’t last, while she knows she’ll last for 3,000 years.

Due to Matix’s loneliness, she decided that she would make something permanent. She would make something that all the eternal Gods would remember her for. She would make a Planet. As she thought of ways to make her Planet, she spotted her large pile of faded star power and their bodies. Taking the power, she bundled it all up and sent it to Latrizix. After several days of work, a large ball of fire was ready to be set in the Universe. Matrix set it...
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