Creation Myths

Topics: Universe, Creation myth, Earth Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: September 18, 2013
Occasional Paper#1: “How do people create creation myths?”

Creation myths of every civilization rooted from one thing: Ancient people tried to make sense of their existence in this cosmos. In that case, however, we could not be so sure who made the first creation myth but in trying to analyze their creation stories, it could not be denied that patterns can be derived from them. There are some basic concepts in the creation myths that seem similar. Each of the creation myths borrowed an idea in one way or another for them to solve the mystery of life. The story of Panku (China) and the Hindu creation story unfolds that they both believed that the creators of the world, Brahma and Panku, came from an egg. In some texts, the sun god Ra of Egypt also came out of an egg that appeared on the surface of the water. Though it may sound silly, for me, egg symbolizes a new beginning. For every cracked shell of a hen, a chick will be hatched and will be exposed to the universe. From the direct observation of nature, the four powerful beings heed the call to establish the physical universe first (heaven and earth). In the legend of Ra, his son Shu is the god of air who has the task of separating heaven and earth. Brahma also thought of the same thing, he made the air to keep heaven and earth apart. Somehow, Pangu acted out this task by resolving to hold them apart. Tuhan, lonely and bored, decided to turn the water ball into heaven and land. This is In some aspects, the creation myths by the Philippines and Egypt to have similar patterns proven by how they begun the world. It is believed that in the beginning there was nothing except for a large ball of water, which was called earth, and a god whose name was Tuhan. (How Tuhan Created the world; Philippines)

In the beginning, there was only water. A chaos of churning and bubbling water. This was called Nu or Nun by the Egyptians. It was out of Nu that everything began. Then the sun god Ra emerged out of...

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