Creation Myth Analysis

Topics: Polytheism, Universe, Creation myth Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: March 20, 2014

Females created out of ribs, gods sending floods to destroy their own creations and a curious women opening a jar that unleashes envy, spite, revenge and gout into the world. This is how people once believed that the earth was formed and developed. Genesis and Bullfinches tales share many striking similarities such as being male dominated. They also share many differences such as one having one God and the other having multiple gods and goddess. Both have their own sets of unique flaws, which make them open to modern skepticism and disbelief.

Both the Bible and the Story of Prometheus and Pandora share a male dominated attitude. In the story of Prometheus, Man is regarded as the “nobler animal” and woman is sent to man to punish man for accepting the stolen gift of fire. The main woman of the story is Pandora, who lets out a plague of all foul emotions and physical deformities upon the earth (though this changes depending on the version.) In the second book of Genesis, God creates Adam to take care of the Garden of Eden and only as an after thought does he decide Adam needs a “helper”, Eve. He creates Eve out of one of Adams ribs. Both stories also state that mankind was made in the Image of the gods or God. Both God and Prometheus used the earth to create man. In Bullfinches tales it is said that Prometheus “gave him an upright stature, so that while all other animals turn their faces downward, and look to the earth, he raises his head to the heaven, and gazes on the stars.” Despite the similarities, the two stories have glaring differences.

The Bible reflects a monotheistic society while the Bulfinch stories reflect Polytheistic beliefs. Christians believed in one god to rule over every aspect of the earth, while the pagans alleged you needed multiple gods to control different aspects of life. In the story of Prometheus, earth and the gods existed long before mankind. Everything was Chaos, a “confused and shapeless mass”. All of the elements were...
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