Topics: Creation myth, Universe, Garden of Eden Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Iroquois Creation Story: (17)
* The Good Mind and The Bad Mind are the two main characters who were twins born by a woman that inhabited the universe * The woman drops down into the lower earth and sits on a turtle to give birth * The turtle changes into an island with sparse vegetation before her birth * While the baby was in the womb, the evil twin came out from underneath the mother’s arm causing her to die, “the bad mind” * The Good Mind creates the sun and moon out of the remaining’s of his mother’s body, which creates the cosmos * The Bad Mind creates large mountains, venomous reptiles, etc. * The brothers challenge each other for the governing of the universe an The Good Mind wins over him with deer horns which is his only weakness * The Bad Mind becomes the “evil spirit” in eternal doom Pima Creation Story: ()

* Juhwertamahkai was floating in nothingness of darkness then rubs his hand on his chest and creates “moahhahttack” which was “greasy earth” after multiple attempts * The fourth time the moahhahttack stands on its own and becomes the foundations of the earth * First Juhwertamahkai created a greasewood bush and places ants * Ants fail to survive until he creates white ants which worked to enlarge the earth until it was large enough to sit on * Creates Noo-ee out of his eye, which holds the same powers as his creator * Created as an assistant who does not want to assist him * Creates two little dolls out of his breasts, one male and one female, out of moahhahttack * People resorted to cannibalism because their food source diminished and Juhwertamahkai let the sky fall on them out of disappointment * Multiple times people failed him (three times)

* The sun (male) and moon (female) have a child which Juhwertamahkai names “Toe-hahvs”, a coyote (trickster) which means brittlebush Genesis
* God created the entire universe and all that was in it in seven days * On the first...
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