Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Emotional intelligence Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: December 21, 2010
Creating a Plan for Positive Influence


Johnny Morris
September 29, 2010
Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
You can help leaders achieve positive change in behavior in three ways. One way is gree on one desired behavior to change—one that will make the biggest positive change in leadership effectiveness. Pick only one or two areas. Leaders can’t be expected to change behavior if they don’t know what desired behavior looks like. The second way is determine who should weigh in (six months later) on whether change has occurred. By agreeing on the desired behaviors and key stakeholders, you ensure buy-in to the process. The third way is to make “feedforward” suggestions on how to improve targeted areas. Keep conversation positive, simple, and focused. If you’ve made mistakes, apologize and ask for help in changing the future. Listen to suggestions; don’t judge them (Goldsmith, Wagner 2009). According to Chapter Four, in our readings, personality is described as the sum total of ways in which a person reacts to and interacts with others. Personality traits are the characteristics exhibited in a large number of situations. Examples of these characteristics can be shyness, aggressiveness, timidity, loyalty, etc. To learn what our differing personalities are and if we could work as a team, we took the Prentice Hall and DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style assessments. In this case, I’m writing about Shellaree, Angel, and myself. For the results of the Prentice Hall Assessments for Angel, Shellaree, and I, our scores were different. For Emotional Intelligence, I scored 33, Angel scored 38 which means she has a high EI (emotional intelligence), and would have success at interpersonal skills & would display great performance as a manager. Shellaree’s score was 42, which also displays excellent potential for management skills and leadership. Scores of 40 or higher indicate a high EI. The results reflect that we wouldn’t have difficulty...
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