Creating a Methodoligy

Topics: Management, Project management, Cost engineering Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: December 1, 2013

Creating a Methodology
BUS 375: Project Management
Professor Jim Schoeck
December 1, 2013

I think that corporate culture at an executive level is a big driver in many companies. Within any team of leaders and especially executive level leaders, there are usually strong and controlling personalities. Let’s face it; they would not be in a position with that level of power if they did not have a confident and dominant personality. The idea of a centralized Project Management Office (PMO) would potentially require the leaders in areas other than where the PMO reports to relinquish some power to the leader of the area where the PMO does report. I believe this to be the driver behind the executive staff in the example case waiting as long as they did to develop this methodology. That being the case, I would feel that the communication from John Compton lacked the detail to encourage his team to develop a methodology. Also, I would conclude that these team members did not do any research to justify having or not having a PMO methodology. Had they researched this they would have found that proper organizational structures lead to better efficiency in the managing projects the business in general (Spalek, S. 2013) and may have accomplished this sooner rather than waiting for the directive to “get it done now”. A well-defined and effective structure for a PMO is to have a centralized team responsible for the managing and oversight of an organizations project portfolio. This includes technical and non-technical projects faced by any area or department within and organization. I believe a centralized PMO is becoming a necessity to most industries and organizations. Based upon the unique nature of any individual business, I think that the PMO should report to the department that makes the most sense for the respective business. In today’s world and with the exponential growth of technology, most IT departments have a lot of experience...

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