Creating Customer Experience

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Managing the Customer Experience

- M.A.C Cosmetics
- KÉRASTASE Hair Care Products

Michelle Widitania Kostan
Ms. Parvin
Thursday, April 4, 2013

M.A.C Cosmetics

To begin with, M.A.C is the abbreviation of Makeup Artistery Cosmetics. This company begins with the combination of ideas from two men with a creative vision in the world of fashion. Frank Toskan, a fashion photographer, and a make up artist Frank Angelo. M.A.C was primarily made especially for beauty proffesionals and the fashion industries for stage make up and visual effects during photo shoots. With prestigious images and endorsement, MAC cosmetics took the fashion industries by storm as a leading proffesional artist’s cosmetics brand (Michalak, 2006).

Moreover, as existing strategies that are use for costumer relation is that M.A.C cosmetics employs make up artists with entertainment make up artistery backgrounds so that costumers can ask for experts’ advise to create natural, trendy, glamorous look, or even advise on a skin type, coloring, and application techniques with no sales obligation (M.A.C Pro, 2013). At the same time, MAC cosmetics are indeed seeking for a high fashion and to be a trendsetter in make-up artisery world. In view of the fact that every season MAC launches cosmetics with current trends and seasonal color, which brings new endorsement celebrities’ faces and constantly rising up to meet the needs of celebrity and their stylist and last but not least, women in particular.

On top of that, there are more strategies and possibilities for M.A.C to gain more customers, which is by improving the strategies in delivering the better customer experience. First of all, M.A.C could gain more customers by providing a “Personal Make-up Artist” as an extra service instead of just advising and making a trial make-up which can only be done in the M.A.C counters it self. This “Personal Make-Up Artist” program can be conducted accordingly in any places that the customers desire for example, make-up preparation for events in private house, hotel, church, or even an event hall. However, costumer’s needs to make a booking which as the matter of facts there will be a limitation of artists and available time for both costumers and artists. Second of all, another strategy to improve the costumer experience in M.A.C is to conduct Make-up classes for everyday make-up or what most people called ‘DIY’ make-up instead of just offering advance make-up artisery classes. This basic make-up class can be scheduled and conducted by a make-up artist as the tutor at larger M.A.C outlets. Moreover, costumers can enroll at the specific enrollment date so that the classes can begin at the same time. Furthermore, costumers can join to any classes that match their time as the artist will be tutoring the same exact topic everyday for one-week time and different topic will be conducted on every other week. Despite, this strategy might cost more expenses to the company, as there will be some very small amount of students in some particular days of classes. And third of all, M.A.C could allocate a skin tone detector program on computer or tablets, which can detect the matching product color to the costumer’s skin tone since there are so many different kinds of colors and skin tones. Yet, in order to carry out this strategy, M.A.C needs to have computers or tablets in every outlets, programmed the program, and keeps updating on the new launched products which will costs a lot of money and time spends to set up and updates. At the mean time, by conducting and applying these three ideas and strategies M.A.C company will attracts more customers and increases customer’s interests in make-up, M.A.C it selfs, and most importantly increases in customer’s demand on products and services.

Simultaneously, the three new strategies as mentioned on the paragraph above create different evironment of Schmitt’s...

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