Creating and Managing Economic Competitiveness: Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority

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Creating and Managing Economic Competitiveness: The Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority

Assignment Questions:
1. How would you measure SAGIA’simpacton Saudi Arabia’s competitiveness? Compare the improvement in indicators (number of days to register a business, FDI growth, employments indicators, etc.) between 2005 and 2011by referringto the Global Competitiveness Report, Doing Business Report and other sources.

2. What are the characteristics of effective networked governance? What are the advantages? What are the indications that SAGIA introduced networked governance?

3. What are One-Stop-Shops? How they may improve the business environment? What are the challenges of establishing them?

One-Stop-Shops, also called Investor Service Centers (ISCs), inspired by the notion of a single site offering multiple services to investors and was refined further to eliminate passing through many offices around the building of each government agency to get the investor’s paper stamped. The one-stop shop includes a front desk and a back office; front desk has four to five customer relations managers, who professionally take all requirements and hand them to the back office which includes representatives from several government departments as well as international technologies and firms. This work Design helped SAGIA ensure high quality customer service and eliminate the potential for corruption while making procedures simpler and faster which reflected in greater firm satisfaction and savings with more businesses being registered, increased financial resources and job opportunities that utilizes the best available local resources. ISCs served as buffer zones, with the SAGIA customer service staff functioning as intermediaries between customers and government agency representatives. One of the challenges of establishing ISC, that it was staffed by government employees and the concern was that public service employees could not perform as well as...
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