Crcritical Thinking

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Dystopia, Ray Bradbury Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: August 12, 2011
iGabriela Gutierrez
Mrs. Holl.
English Honors 2 block 2
November 5, 2010
Fahrenheit 451
Critical thinking and Interpretation Questions. 1. F451 is written from a third person omniscient point of view. This point of view is ideal because we don’t just need to know the feelings of the main character but also of those around him to understand the story. 2. T

3. The main conflicts in the book are that Montag realizes for the first time that he is unhappy and tries to find out why. He resolves this conflict by reading the books he collected and running away. He finds people like himself. 4.

5. The author made his setting a city because he wanted us to connect to the book and notice that it could happen to us too. 6.
7. Montag and Mildred were just two people who were paired up and married; they were barely friends living under the same roof by force. 8. Montag’s actions are believably motivated, he tries to get the rest of the people to believe like he did and realize that this wasn’t a perfect society. 9. By not adding anymore scenes on the end was a way to let us set our own ending. 10. Bradbury’s style of writing is different. All of his writing is very symbolic and uses a lot of figurative language, and it makes us interpret the story in different ways. 11. Mildred and Clarisse were both from the dystopian society. Mildred was a model citizen in her society because she never cared about anything and never cared and when she knew what her husband had done she turned him in. Clarisse was antisocial because she always asked why. She actually thought about life and the meaning behind it, while Mildred just followed her everyday routine. 12. Beatty and Montag were both firemen. Beatty knew there was something wrong he had read books just like Montag but didn’t want anyone to find out. Montag was another model citizen of the society until he met Clarisse. 13....
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