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Crazy Stupid Love: Movie Review

By 96kmrg Mar 19, 2013 794 Words
Fighting for the Person You Love
“I should have fought, for you. 'Cause you fight for your soul mates.” –Cal Weaver. This story is characterized by fighting for the person you love and passing through all obstacles no matter what happens. It was written by Dan Fogelman, starred by Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, and / Emma Stone, and released on 2011. This movie is my favorite because it combines love, cheating, crazy experiences, and definitely fun. All the actors get completely involved in their characters and make the story feel so real and interesting. It is a story that makes the spectators remain sitting down / while watching it and amazes everyone with a not-expected final. Crazy, Stupid, Love begins with a couple with 25 years of marriage that is having dinner in an elegant restaurant. You can see many other couples around them, with fancy clothes, cuddling beneath the tables, and sharing a part of / a dish; while Cal, Emily’s husband, is dressing a pair of jeans, some white sneakers, and a kind of hoodie. Emily is dressing a beautiful dress and a pair of heels that combine. They are deciding what dessert will they ask for, when she announces that she wants to get / a divorce. Later she confesses that she made her husband a cuckold with a coworker, David Lindhagen. Cal decides to leave from home that same night. Cal gets depressed and goes to a bar to drown his pains in alcohol. There he meets a metrosexual man who is dressed with / very fancy and elegant clothing and that every night is with a different woman. He is handsome, has a perfect body, and a high self-esteem. His name is Jacob Palmer. This man proposes Cal helping him to outstrip his past and his old wife, and he happily accepts Jacob’s proposal. / They met in a mall to start with Cal’s complete transformation. They go to buy complete new outfits: shirts, sacs, formal pants, ties, shoes, and even a new wallet. After this, Jacob takes Cal again to the bar, and he shows him his “moves” with women. Every night is the / same: he invites the girl a drink, then makes the girl talk about herself, and finally he asks her to go to another place and makes her go to bed with him. Night after night, Cal sees how Jacob attacks and how he gets any girl he wants, except for / one whose name is Hannah and rejected him with sneer. Some nights later, Cal finally seduces Kate, a woman at the bar, and takes her to his apartment. After this, Cal seduces different women each night, like his new friend Jacob. One day, Cal joins with Emily because of a / parents’ meeting at their son’s school where he discovers that his son’s teacher is Kate, the woman at the bar. Emily realizes the situation and gets mad at Cal. On the other hand, Hannah is expecting her boyfriend to propose marriage, but he does not do it. This makes her / feel so disappointed and makes her return to the bar to search that guy who once flirted at her. She finds him and kisses him passionately. They go to Jacob’s department to have sex, but they start to talk and to know each other, they got a connection. Later they / start a relationship, he is really in love and does not want to be a womanizer anymore, so does not go back to the bar and loses contact with Cal. Time later, Cal decides that Emily is his soul mate, the love of his life, and that he is not / going to lose her, so he tries to gain her love like in the first time. He prepares a surprise in their house with the help of their kids, when their other daughter arrives… with her new boyfriend, Jacob. A scuffle starts between Cal, Jacob, a neighbor, and / David Lindhagen who arrives later. After this, all the characters get mad at Cal for not accepting Hannah and Jacob’s relationship, and they get distant. On Robbie’s graduation ceremony, he starts giving a pessimist speech in which he says that love is not important and he does not believe in it / anymore, when his father, Cal, arrives and talks about what happened with his wife and him, that he loves her, and that he will ever do it. After this, all couples get reconciliated and demonstrate that true love always will be first and that you do not have to stop / fighting for what you want because it is the most important thing in life, because without love, you cannot be completely happy. You know it is necessary to love someone and that someone loves you back.

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