Crazy, Stupid, Love: Film Analysis
Topics: Love / Pages: 10 (2296 words) / Published: Jul 22nd, 2013

“Crazy. Stupid. Love.”

Shaira Camille M. Evangelista

A sunny day in Beverly Hills was quite normal. There lived the happy family of Gab Smith. He has a wife named Ally. They have the perfect life together living the American dream.

One night while they were having dinner in this high class lavender-scented restaurant, Ally abruptly asks for a divorce. Like, OMG! Why would’ve she asked for a divorce where they have everything that everyone was dreaming of? Right? Gab was so shocked of what Ally had asked him. He just banged his head on the table like a total idiot. All of the people were looking at them which cause them to go home. Unlike other husbands, Gab was this kind of man who doesn’t always talk, nag or brag. He just listens to what everyone has to say. In short, he was a very quiet and understanding husband. Just like on their way home, Ally talks and talks and… Talks a lot. While she was so angry of speaking of everything she has in mind, she accidentally said that she slept with Jayce Lindhagen, which was her boss. She had a plan of not saying this to Gab. Stunned by Ally’s confrontation, Gab jumped out of the moving car! He is so crazy, big-time. Ally didn’t know what to do. She just shouted and cried. She accompanied Gab back to the car.

When they finally reached their enormous house, Tricia opened the gate. Tricia Weaver was the babysitter of their son, Toby. Toby was thirteen years old and Tricia was seventeen. Toby has a crush on Tricia since she started babysitting him. When they stepped inside, I thought Gab would just be restraint. But I was wrong. He spit it all out on Tricia. He told her that Ally wanted a divorce and he jumped out of a moving car. He didn’t notice that Toby was just behind Tricia. So obviously, Toby heard it all. Gab just told Tricia that he would take her home now and just come back tomorrow to get her cash. Before Tricia get off the car, she said to Gab that he was the nicest dad he had ever

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