Crazy State of Psychiatry

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In this year’s Introduction to Expository writing class we will be practicing writing, editing, organizing essays. Throughout the semester, it is my responsibility that I try and be the best student in class with participation in discussions. There are many other different topic essays that will allow me to use my imagination. Since this course is a workshop course we will be improving our skills on writing, revising, research essays and reading. There are a number of essays that will be surrounding our world today, the course will not only just be about topics and essays but the meaning of things and how they related and affect us as individuals in this society. Some of the topics that will be organized into an essay include: health care and the government; race, gender, and sexuality; and many more. These type of topics and essays are there to help us prepare for future academic essays. The course objectives are there to help me understand the expectations that are required by my professor. Being able to demonstrate the correct use of grammar, punctuation, the ability to edit text, and develop written text. The readings that I will have throughout this course will prepare me to understand the text and have a better way of taking notes. Understanding that all the assignments in this class will be in MLA format with proper heading and all papers must be following this format. As a student of Chaminade, I have many responsibilities in this class. It is my responsibility to participate in every discussion. I should also be able to write everyday about experiences that I’ve gone through or certain things that are interesting to me. As a college student, I have the responsibility to be kind, courteous, and respectful to the other students. My attendance in class is important and is a responsibility that I have to take serious. I believe that my time and my professor’s time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted. So coming on time is one of the main things I will...
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