Crazy Love

Topics: Love, Need, Want Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Micah Horner
Senior Year Experience Book Report
February 27, 2012
Crazy Love
When I first read that I had to do a book report for this class I just thought of it as another piece of homework to write in my daily agenda. However, I had heard of this book many times and after reading it, am so glad I did. I realize now that yes, I do have to write a report, which is indeed homework, but the lessons I learned from the book mean so much more than that. Where at first I may have found it hard to find three things to incorporate into my life, I know don’t know which three from the book I should narrow it down to!

Although choosing just three truths I want to incorporate into my life was a hard choice, I knew for sure what the first would be: “Don’t assume you’re good soil.” In chapter four, Francis Chan talks about the profile of a lukewarm Christian. Guess who is guilty of being one of these? Me! I felt like this chapter really hit home. How many times have I assumed that just because I’m a good person, go to church, hang out with the right friends, say the right things, that I am good enough for Jesus’ kingdom. Chan said it best when he said, “He was not interested in those who are fake!” God wants the real us! He doesn’t want me to have to put on an act. Reading this chapter made me realize I have too much in my life. Having too much can deform my spiritual walk, just like Chan said in the book. Why would I want to be a lukewarm Christian when God wants me to be on fire for him and receive the many blessings that come with that? There should be no such thing as a lukewarm Christian, and you better believe this is one thing I’m going to work at fixing in my own life!

The second truth I want to apply to my life comes from chapter five of this book, and Chan put it simply when he said: “He wants all or nothing.” This truth goes right along with my first one above. I can’t call myself a “Christian” without being completely devoted to following...
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