Crazy Love

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Mother Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: September 18, 2011
“Cray Love” is an autobiography written by Leslie Morgan Stein, recalling her life and her struggles throughout her abusive relationship. Leslie Morgan Stein grows up in Bethesda Washington in the 1980’s, in a rich family. Her father is a busy lawyer, and mother a tragically gorgeous alcoholic. Stein graduates from Harvard, and soon after becomes a journalist for Seventeen Magazine, in New York City. All of this before she met Connor.

Stein has many influences in her life that strengthened her, and led to the impact she has on the world today. Her mother’s deep struggle with alcohol and drugs, and her father’s inability to care for her, influenced her, and brought challenges that she had to overcome in order to make the impact that she did. Every day her mother would fight her struggles from depression with a bottle of alcohol, while her father would seclude himself. “On weekdays my father hid at his law office downtown and my mother tossed back rum and cokes at our home in Bethesda.”(Pg.17) As Stein watched her mother struggle; she was influenced to take up these bad habits, in an attempt to numb herself as well. Steins addiction to drugs and alcohol began at the age of twelve, stealing Marlboros from her fireplace mantel, and finishing off her parent’s martinis when they were not looking. The challenge of overcoming both her and her mothers addiction would be the only way Stein was going to survive, hope was the only way she could survive. Luckily Stein was still a very smart girl school wise, and was accepted to Harvard, where she overcame her addiction. “A woman named Hope took me to my first twelve-step meeting.”(Pg.19) Stein stopped drinking and using drugs cold turkey. This first challenge of survival in a family filled with pain and seclusion gave her proof, that she could overcome anything if she believed.

It was on the fifty third street subway when Leslie Morgan Stein met the man who would influence her life dramatically. “The subway felt suddenly...
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