Cray Reasearch

Topics: Cray, Cray X1, Supercomputer Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Cray Research
supercomputer company - seattle, wa
approx 800 employees worldwide

-Values and Ethics
Strive to be green/good for enviroment
member of green grid - global group dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems
Strong ethics, they treat employees fairly
-Rites and Rituals
Giving a document "Cray Style", to know what to expect(the standard)
Annual picnic called Ducky Days(included duck tug-of-war, duck beer, duck awards, etc)
Fountain, hated it, put ducks in it,* brought it to new bldg then blew it up, symbolize new ideas, fresh -Hero - Seymour Cray(the founder)
passion for technological creativity and constant search for new ideas
believed more in science than money
-Formal and Informal Communication Networks
Informal, cray style
-Communication Norms (ways of doing things)
Dissent and open discussion are encouraged
no assigned parking spots
blue jeans are normal attire
-Company Stories, Myths, or Legends
In 2004 they were part of US Dept of Energy's Fastest-Computer-in-the-World project, their supercomputer The Cray X1 took 29th
"Seymour Stories"
Seymour created a sailboat every year - destroyed it in fall - symbolize a fresh sheet -Organizational Climate
Respect for individual, reward for contributions
Open to new ideas
give people alot of responsibility early early in careers

to maintain the flexibility and freedom of a small company even as we grow. Individuality is valued at Cray.
Diversity is cherished and nourished because it kindles creativity Individual creativity is the source of our success.
Most great ideas begin with an individual, but it takes a team of people working together to turn an idea into a product.

former employee said in 2009
Pros - Cray was a really fun company to work for. Within the first two weeks the CEO actually sat and talked with the new hires. It's in a great location, with great people and the projects you...
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