Crash: White People

Topics: White people, Black people, Human skin color Pages: 4 (1383 words) Published: March 12, 2013
1.Which of the characters do you identify with? Why? Are there any characters you find it harder to identify with? Why?
One of the characters that I identify with is Daniel. He does his own work without any complaint even though he is humiliated by Jean that the black guy, Daniel, has their house key and he would definitely break into some day. He never tries to revenge and complains about white people. Additionally, when he fix Farhad’s door, he think of Farhad’s security problem. He cares about him and is responsible not only for his own job, but also goes beyond serving, protecting customers. He recommends Farhad to change a door, although Farhad does not even listen to him.

The character that I think is harder to identify with is Gramham. Through the whole story, he did not do something great or bad. The characteristics shown on him are that he is a good son who cares about his mom; when he finds his brother has died, he is sad. Nothing is special. However, one thing that focuses my eyes on him is what his mom says about his brother’s death. She says Gramham kills his own brother. This make me feel hard to identify with him. 2. What are the issues in this film?

In this film, it not only indicates changes on different people and how do those changes happen on them. This movie inspires people of the color people issues; value of men and women and moral problems. Black and Asians is the people who get bullied in this movie. The police called Cameron and Christine, who were black, stop the car, accused Cameron of drinking and humiliate Christine. When Anthony and Peter made a car accident to a Korean, an Asian man, they just left without taking care of him. In these two scenes, it obviously shows that colored people do not get care. When Anthony says, “We are black people and black people don’t fit”, it shows why black people become hostile to the white because they think they are not regarded as parts of this society. When Cameron says something...
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