Crash the Movie

Topics: Race, Causality, Robbery Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Muneer BawayehEnglish 150
For Every Action There Is A Reaction

“Crash’’ is a movie that brings out several stereotypes. The main characters are all different races. There are Blacks, Whites, Persians, Mexicans, and Asians. The entire movie shows several aspects of causes and effects. The car crashes, robberies, and shootings, bring the characters together. By the end of the movie, all of the characters reveal their prejudices. This movie also shows how much tension there is between races and how distant we are from each other as human beings. We tend to forget that we are all human beings and we need to treat people fairly regardless of race.

There are several parts in the movie that made me think about the racism and why so many people use stereotypes to judge people. Officer Ryan is a cop in Los Angeles. He deals with people of all races on the job. After speaking with an HMO clerk (demanding a doctor to treat his father’s urinary tract infection) it does not go as planned. He remembers the argument he had with her and later that night he pulls over a black couple. The fact that she is black causes him to pull over the black couple in spite of his frustration. He pulls over a suspicious car after a call comes in about a stolen car which matches the description of Cameron’s Navigator. He does not have probable cause to pull the couple over but does so anyway and sexually abuses Christine. Cameron did not want to get arrested, so he did not say anything to Officer Ryan. An effect of this situation makes Christine and Cameron not speak to each other for a while throughout the movie. Another effect of the traffic stop is Officer Ryan’s partner; Officer Hanson shows sympathy on Cameron after he gets pulled over by several cops later in the movie. Hanson felt really guilty when Officer Ryan pulled the couple over, despite not doing anything when Christine was abused. This whole traffic stop scene relates to “For every action, there is a...
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