Crash my party. Luke Bryan

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Luke Bryan Crashes Parties
It’s always said to be what fills the American dream, and by that I mean music. Music is what takes you to places that only can be found in your mind from a song. I wanted to write about this album because it’s one of the best albums as far as looking into meanings of songs. All Luke Bryan’s songs have a story behind them; besides the first one on the album, which is My Kinda Night. I also have learned a lot about him, just through following him on Twitter. He is a huge family man, which is very impressive to me and makes me want to listen to him that much more. He is what I consider to be your typical southern guy. Like myself he believes in having family first and career second. The third time may be the charm, but for Luke Bryan, the fourth is the monster. All Crash My Party, this album is geared to change the Georgia boy into one of the select group of country’s superstars. All the imagery Luke uses in his music become accustom to his lifetime and his style of music: tanned legs swinging over tailgates, starry Southern nights, red Georgia clay and an endless supply of cold brews. Two songs have “beer” in their titles, and both are catchy and clever. “Beer in the Headlights” tells a story of a beautiful woman partying with Luke in a country area and how he wants to see her all night drinking a beer in front of his truck, hints the titles name, and “Drink a Beer,” is a song about a falling family member, and how he’s not sure of what to do, so he does what he and his brother would have done which is drink a beer. He sets scenes such as ‘Gonna sit right here until the sunset disappears and drink a beer.’ “We Run This Town” reflects on those days when being a teenager felt like being king of the world, or at least of your small town; I think we can all recall a time where we felt like that, I know I did. Luke really does an amazing job with painting a picture with his words and making the listener go back to a time where that...
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