Crash Film Essay

Topics: Racism, Race, White people Pages: 3 (1503 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Luka Lokmer
The film "Crash" directed by Paul Haggis challenges the audience through the theme of prejudice, isolation and through the use of characters how the audience views them. The film is set in Los Angeles, and shows the confrontation of people 'crashing' into each other, due to their views and beliefs. Haggis shows this through cinematography, music, irony and through the use of characters. Haggis portrays the lives of every-day people who collide with each other because of their racial, gender and cultural differences. As well as the collisions the characters have with one another, Haggis shows the collisions and confrontations that they have with their own values and beliefs. One of the primary scenes of he film shows a Persian man named Farhad purchasing a gun in a gun store with his daughter. The audience is first challenged with the owner of the store, a Caucasian male. He shows an immediate negative attitude towards Farhad, due to his foreign ethnicity and minor language barrier. Through the use of dialogue and script, Haggis portrays the prejudice that the shop keeper feels to people who resemble a middle eastern ethnicity. "Yo Osama, play the jihad in your own time!" This scene immediately gives the audience an impression of the racial stereotyping that Haggis attempts to illustrate. Due to Farhad's physical characteristics, the shop keeper demands the security guard of the store to escort him outside As the close-up of the shop keepers face pans out, we are left with a perspective of Farhad himself, the victim of a national prejudice. Farhad has no affiliations with the Taliban or Iraq for that matter, but is made to feel racially marginalised for his middle-eastern decent. The owner expresses his prejudice further by shouting, "Yeah I'm ignorant? You're liberating my country, and I'm flying 747s into your mud huts and incinerating your friends?" Farhad is made to feel like the perpetrator of a crime he had nothing to do with, due to...
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